Tamil Recipes


| Servings: 4

Tamil Recipes Payasam is one of the last items to end a fest or a formal meal in a wedding, birthday parties or festival occasions. IT has many flavors in Tamilnadu cooking methods. The ingredients also differ widely so this is not the typical but the most common and sidely used payasam of all. This one has vermicelli base is called semiya in Tamil


  • Semiya (vermicelli) 1 cup
  • butter half cup milk 1 cup
  • cardamom 10
  • cashiewnut 5
  • sugar half cup


  1. Take a large holoow frying pan and lemt the butter
  2. In another pan sitr fry the semiya for about
  3. minutes to roast it 3 In the frying pan in which you melted the butter poour themilk and let it simmer
  4. Now add the rapsted semiya along with cashews and cardomom and let it cook
  5. Add sugar and cokk for about 10 minutes
  6. Once you taste it and the semiya is done turn off the heat and let it sit 7 After cooling it off a bit a minute os so it isready to eb served as a desert or last course or just for snacks. Very healthy for children as well

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