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Tamil Recipes Idli is the most common and simple breakfast menu for south Indians. They are easy to make and takes a very little amount of time. It is also simple to prepare before the night ferment and use in the morning.

An alternate method-Youtbne video from ShowMeTheCurry is useful to watch.

It is great for many people in a household as well as for a small house hold and it takes the same amount of time to prepare and serve hot and wholesome and easily digestible.

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Tamil Recipes Idli Ingredients

Rice (Boiled/Idli rice) 4 cups
Urid Dal 1 ½ cup
Salt 2 tsp

Tamil Recipes Idli Method:

1 Rinse and clean rice and urid dal thoroughly
2 Soak them together in water for about 4-6 hours
3 In a grinder or blender grind them together for about 25-20 minutes till soft
4 Remove and keep them in a large bowl and mix with salt
5 This will have to be fermented over night. In the morning it well be fermented and raise to the brim
6 Use special idli hollow trays to steam wither cooker for 3 minutes
7 They are served with traditional sambar and chutney or ghee or gingley oil with idli mix