Idiyaappam is similar to spaghetti or pasta.

Above is a method from youtube by vahchef. But preparations are different. The basic ingredient is You can make it from scratch at home or just buy the rice powdered flour in the market. This easier. Then you have some more preparations to follow in the method section of this recipe.

This is also one of the many traditional breakfast item in the south India and Tamilnadu. It is served with sweet coconut mix of sugar or banana. It is also served with many varieties of hot and spicy curries.


  • Rice flour 2 cups
  • Water to mix
  • Oil ½ cup
  • Salt to taste


  1. You can buy rice flour in the market and it will work. If you can also do it at home using a blender makes your own rice flour and it will be much better
  2. Make dough by mixing the rice flour with warm water and add salt
  3. Use the idli cooker or any steamer but you need murukku or idiyappam press/ mould with holes to create idiyappam. This is done by pressing the dough into hollow plates in circles just like for murrukku. Steam for ten minutes and remove just like idlis
  4. This is a bit delicate work and use care and carefully place them in alternate way on the serving plate so that they do not unnecessarily stick to each other and spoil the shape and mess the whole thing up.
  5. Serve with coconut flakes and sugar. Mix them and eat. You can also serve with hot spicy curry of beef, mutton and chicken. Paya in Tamilnadu is called aatu kal curry is also popular side dish for this dish called ‘idiyappam and paya’


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