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tamil recipes sf
tamil recipes sf

I have collected a whole bunch of tamil recipes of Tamilnadu plus additional southern states from many resources. The majority of them are mine that I acquired from my mother and mother-in-law. You see as soon as I was newly married 35 years back, my spouse insisted with the intention to eat well I am sure, that I put together his mother’s recipes from Madurai as well.

Consequently I also collected from my mother-in-law which she learned from her mother-in-law so on and on. These are dynasty tamil recipes of the Fenn family from Pasumalai, Madurai.

I also research from time to time, and composed a few Tamil recipes. I have tried my best to give resources of people and internet sites if it is not mine. Please feel free to forward yours if you want them posted here.

Hope you prepare as well as enjoy them with your family

Shirley Catherine