Tamil Recipes

You will find that most of tamil recipes have general information and photos. Tips on cooking, kitchen, storing and utensils. I give you step by step instructions with special tips. I don’t want you to get frustrated or bored with cooking Tamil cooking . Enjoy the process and you will be loved and admired!

Tamil recipes for Dosai, idli, Poori to Fish, Mutton, chicken, Biryani varieties. Spicy, tasty, delicious, and hot Tamil recipes from the South Indian group of Dravidians. There is an ongoing discussion and argument about whose language and culture are foremost among the peoples of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra states. We will leave it at that because once upon a time about two millennia, they were all brothers from one family according to legends and epics like Mahabharata.

There is of course recorded history about the Dravidian people. Now the Tamils are all over the world. A good number of them live in South India, north Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, and Fiji and in Caribbean islands too.

The three royal dynasties from brothers called the Cholas, Pandyas and Cheras date back to the third century AD.

The history of Tamil recipes and food of South Indian cuisine is of much importance but not our focus today. The popular view in the west was that Indians do not know when their next meal would come. But India has far advanced today and what the west thought of it as an impoverished hungry continent is no longer valid.Food is available every where in India in plenty; and is very easily affordable. Food is also reasonably priced in India; it is the housing that is expensive.

Many Tamils are vegetarian by birth, the idea of vegans and vegetarian in the west is entirely different. The vegetarian diet of a south Indian is packed with spices. It is spicy and hot and is not easily palatable by a western tongue. The basic ingredients in many Tamil recipes are chili, garlic, ginger and usually mixed in with red small onions.The usual vegetarian curry diet of a Tamil is sambar, rasam or puli kulombu. The side dishes used are also spiced up with red chili and onions.

Non vegetarian items like meat is expensive compared to vegetable bought in the market. It usually consists of mutton (goat, lamb or sheep meat), fish and chicken. Beef is not a very popular in the market place because of the Hindu belief of cow as sacred. Yet there is a fairly good population who eat beef.